New Procedure for Bloat Nematode Testing Services for 2015

In the wake of Dr. George Abawi's retirement and a reduction in staffing, the Bloat Nematode Testing Lab in Geneva has decided it needs to limit the number of samples that it can accept for 2015. This year, the Geneva lab will accept samples from farmers wishing to replant seed on their own farm, but is asking that growers who want to sell their seed to others send samples to the Michigan State Diagnostic Clinic.

Each sample sent to the Cornell Bloat Nematode Testing Lab will cost $40 to sample this year, reflecting the end of the Specialty Crop Block Grant subsidy which reduced cost to $20 per sample for the last two years. Samples sent to Michigan will cost $75 dollars each. This is 3 times the in-state rate due to state subsidies for Michigan growers and the need for APHIS approval to accept samples from outside the state.

The New York State sample submission form for Cornell samples can be found here along with a new fact sheet, and the Michigan State sample submission form can be found here. On the Michigan form, the nematode testing information is towards the very bottom. Please remember to triple the rate if sending samples to Michigan.

As in previous years, if trying to detect Bloat Nematode, select suspicious bulbs for testing. Neither of these labs is offering certification, they are simply providing results based on the sample received.

Cornell Lab and Extension staff, as well a garlic grower advisory group, will work to determine if the lab at Geneva will be able to return to accepting all of New York’s samples next year, and what the cost will be.

If you have any questions about this process, please contact Crystal at 518.775.0018.-Crystal Stewart


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